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Shooting a Portrait for the first time

It has been a year, we were thinking on starting a Photography blog. Each time we start on, but later we were confused on what to write. We thought of sharing our experiences, creations with our customers, well wishers and those who are passionate in Photography. We are glad to announce the official launch of our Blog.We expect a great association with our readers and valuable suggestions to make this a great one. Thank you & Happy Blogging.

Shooting Studio Portraits is always challenging. Whether it is a family or Kids or babies or youth, each frame is a new challenge. We always feel that every new shoot is our first one. For instance, let us recollect a portrait shoot when we started my studio portrait photography. We had a lot of ideas on how to use our 7 point lighting systems, back drops variety poses. But theory sometimes doesn’t go straight in real time. When the real family came in the scene was entirely different. Two kids were very active and was running around in studio floor and that kept their parents very uncomfortable. We were not able to have the lightings as we thought of. Somehow we managed to have a couple or three portraits which were just average. But really, this was one of the great learning experience on how to get prepared for the portrait shoot. We made several guidelines for our preparations for a photo shoot both in studio floor preparations as well as managing the people to be portrayed. Let us start of with the same from today on wards. First be all set with your studio floor, lightings, props and equipments, before letting your customers inside. Have a small discussion with the customer and communicate your plan of shoot so that their involvement in the shoot will be active. Always have comments that encourage the customers during the shoot, which will reduce their nervousness infront of the camera and make them feel free. Avoid using too much of technical terms and make things easy for them to understand. While posing , make sure that they are comfortable with the poses. We do follow these set standards always and this helps us for very friendly, dynamic and very energetic shoots.


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